Mother-ease Wizard UNO or DUO Starter Kit – 5 Nappies



Mother-ease Wizard UNO or DUO Starter Kit – 5 Nappies

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Mother-ease UNO is an ‘all in one’ nappy which goes on in one piece and does not come apart.  The Mother-ease DUO is an ‘all in two’ nappy where the outer wrap and inner pads are separate and are poppered together with each change.

Mother-ease Wizard UNO and DUO nappies are different from all other ‘all in one’ and ‘all in two’ nappies for two reasons:

  • it has double elasticized leg openings,  elastic in the nappy pad and elastic in the attached waterproof cover which means it is much less likely to leak and works in the same way as a two part nappy system in that it provides two lines of defence.
  • The nappy pad in both the UNO and DUO is made with this amazing stay-dry material exclusive to Mother-ease and it is very different from other stay-dry micro terry fabrics on the market.  It is dry to the touch even when very wet because they use a special knit fabric that creates a stay dry barrier in the actual weave.  This allows the wetness to easily pass through but not back therefore keeping your babies skin dry to the touch no matter how wet the nappy gets.  It also includes a cooling yarn which keeps the temperature inside the nappy lower which is always a good thing and helps reduce the chance of bacterial growth.  Mother-ease do not use fleece in their nappies like other brands as it can have slow absorption rates which can cause leaks sometimes.  This material is also incredibly absorbent, more so than bamboo!  Normally with micro terry material you for go the absorbency for a quick drying nappy,  but not with the UNO or DUO, here you have a super 5 absorbent quick drying nappy unlike any other on the market to date.

THE UNO – The pad itself is sewn onto the PUL outer wrap so works just like a disposable nappy.   The PUL waterproof outer has leak resistant bindings at the legs and waist which stops moisture from wicking outwards.  The waist is adjustable through a series of poppers and each nappy has an elasticated waist and back.   The waterproof cover is made of the same world class quality fabric just like the Mother-ease separate wraps.  Wizard Uno’s have something called ‘hygienic washability’ which basically means wash water flows through easier and water extraction through spinning is more effective.

THE DUO – has separate pads and wraps, you popper in a pad at every change, and reuse the wrap up to 3 times before washing.  The big advantage here is in longevity because you can re-waterproof the wrap with a wash in liquid, this nappy will last through all your children.  Mother-ease nappies come with a high price tag but this nappy combo is very cost effective if used for two or three babies!  The other advantage in the DUO is the night time insert which is even more absorbent and works brilliantly as a night time nappy, this is the only nappy on the market that is effective for both day and night.



The Mother-ease UNO Kit

RRP £119.95 – 5 Nappies

5 x Motherease Wizard UNO Nappiesonesize 

Fits 8-35lbs /3.5 -15.9kg


The Mother-ease DUO Kit

RRP £114.95 – 5 Nappies

2 x Mother-ease Wizard DUO wraps

1 x Mother -ease Wizard DUO stay dry night time insert

4 x Mother-ease Wizard DUO Stay dry day time insert

Fits 10-35lbs /4.5 -15.9kg


The MIXED Mother-ease UNO/DUO Kit

RRP £114.95 – 5 Nappies

2 x Motherease Wizard UNO Nappiesonesize 

1 x Mother-ease Wizard DUO wraps

1 x Mother -ease Wizard DUO stay dry night time insert

2 x Mother-ease Wizard DUO Stay dry day time insert


Please let me know your  pattern/colour choices at time of order in the message box.  Please check what I have in stock on the individual product pages to avoid dissapointment.

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