Buckets and Nappy Pails are great for storing dirty nappies in, although most parents no longer soak their nappies a bucket with good fitting lid is an ideal place to keep the dirty nappies until you wash them.

Mesh bags are a useful but not essential accessory, line your bucket with a mesh bag and lift out all your dirty nappies easily and without having to touch them and put straight into the machine and wash inside the bag. Our advice is to not shut the mesh bag in the machine though, leave it open so the nappies can all tumble out.

Large wet bags can be used instead of a bucket and some of the really large ones will hold up to 20 dirty nappies.  Smaller wet bags keep dirty nappies away from any other items in your changing bag when you are out and about with your baby. They are an essential part of any washable nappy kit and can be used as swim bags for older children.