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10% off with £100 spend, 5% off with £50+ Bumgenius V5 Pocket is the original Bumgenius nappy.  It is birth to potty and has two separate inserts which you stuff inside the pocket.  It is very fast drying and very adjustable.


Bumgenius V5 Pocket nappy Sale £23.99 £18.99

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Absorbency Average
Drying Time Super quick – 4 hours
Fit (Slim or bulky) Slim 
Easy To Use Pretty simple
Fastening Poppers
Made USA
Material fleece and micro terry inner and PUL outer 
Need Separate Wrap No
Day or Night day only
Sizing Birth to Potty 8 – 35lbs / 3.6 – 15.8kg


Bumgenius V5 Pocket replaced the V4 in April 2016 with changes to the inner fabric which is an updated stay-dry material that stretches to provide a secure fit and a redesigned pocket that is more trim across the back.  New improved nappy elastic designed specifically for the demands of cloth nappies.   The Bumgenius V5 Pocket also includes the same patented features that appear on all Bumgenius nappies – features that all the other brands try to copy but can’t replicate or beat!  

The V5 Pocket is easy to use and goes on just like a disposable so perfect for all those reluctant partners.  It dries very very quickly and with a soft sueded fleece lining your babies bottom stays nice and dry and the nappy stays really soft even in hard water areas.  The stretchy, gentle leg and back elastic with rolled out casings keeps the poo in and red marks down to a minimum.  The pocket means it is easy to adjust the absorbency by adding extra inserts or by only using one insert on a newborn to keep the nappy slim. 

A birth to potty nappy  which grows with your baby making this very cost effective.  as you don’t need to buy different sizes.  These are pocket nappies so the inserts are stuffed inside the nappy.  The extra flap of fleece at the back of the nappy, the point where you stuff in the inserts,  protects your baby from leaks.    

Each nappy comes with 2 inserts, a small, lightweight insert for newborns and a larger one-size insert for your growing baby. On older babies both inserts can be used for extra absorbency.  Bumgenius V5 Pocket comes in popper fastening only.  

My Opinion – The nappy itself works really well, is excellent value for money and is easy to use.  I loved it!  It is worth pointing out that this nappy does not always work well on newborns, particularly if your baby is small (under 8lbs), if you have a set of these nappies and find they leak a bit at the beginning, hang in there until your baby is a bit bigger. 

Lots of questions too, regarding how it compares the Bumgenius V5 and Elemental.  In my opinion there are three main differences –

a) drying time – the Freetime taking slightly longer taking 5 – 6  hours whereas the BGV5 takes around 4 – 5 hours and the elemental takes 10 – 11 hours).

b) bulk on a newborn baby (the Bumgenius V5 Pocket is slimmer fitting on newborn babies because you can remove one of the boosters with the Freetime and Elemental the boosters are attached and cannot be taken out).  

c) ease of use, with the Freetime and the Elemental there is no stuffing or unstuffing of boosters after use, when hanging out to dry and when putting on,  so the Freetime and Elemental are a bit easier and less time consuming to use. 

My Tips – On younger babies use a bamboo booster when you need extra absorbency rather than the larger poppered booster that comes with the nappy, this helps keep the nappy nice and slim.  On older babies use a bamboo booster with the larger insert for extra absorbency, or even with both inserts (ie three inserts inside the nappy).  

If using paper or fleece liners tuck the liner under the flap at the top back of the nappy (where the opening is for the boosters)  this helps keep the liner in place. If your Bumgenius is leaking at night you can use an outer wrap (Motherease Airflow)  over the top and you could be leak free.  Although it is my opinion that two part bamboo nappies with separate outer wrap are best for nights, eg bamboozle stretch, little lamb bamboo or sandy’s bamboo and motherease airflow wraps.

Washing – wash between 40° to 60°.   Washing and Care – please read carefully our full ‘washing and care instructions’.  All nappies and wraps must be washed according to our care instructions otherwise the manufacturers guarantee will not be valid.  All new nappies must be washed before they are used. 

Please note that when buying a large number of cloth nappies you should just wash a few in the first instance, and check you are happy with your choice, as I cannot refund on used or washed nappies. This nappy can be tumble dried on a low heat, however it is advisable to only tumble dry occasionally as it does shorten the life of the nappy and of course cost you more. Do not use Ecover washing powder or liquid with your cloth nappies


The Bumgenius V5 Pocket fits from 8lbs – 35lbs/3.6kg to 15.9kg

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Weight 0.25 kg

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