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PUL Cover Revitalizer. If you’ve begun to experience leak issues and you cannot see an obvious issue (fit, damage, etc), then it’s likely that the factory waterproofing treatment has worn off your covers. Mother-ease Cover Revitalizer is an eco-friendly laundry treatment that re-applies the waterproofing to your covers, restoring them to their initial performance at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new covers!

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PUL Cover Revitalizer – Restore your nappy cover performance to new condition with Motherease’s Cover Revitalizer!

This two-part eco-friendly waterproofing treatment will work on all PUL nappy covers that are completely separate from an absorbent diaper. It will also work on wet bags as well!  It will NOT work on any ‘all in one’ nappies where the inner absorbent part is still attached to the cover.

How it the PUL Cover Revitalizer works:

Part A – Pre-Treat: This eco-friendly stripper pre-treatment removes dirt and oil with no trace of residue, allowing for optimal revitalizing.

Part B – Revitalize: This eco-friendly treatment revitalizes your diaper covers to make them work like new again.

Wash up to 15 nappy covers first with Part A and then afterward wash that load of covers again with Part B. Afterward, dry your covers in your tumble dryer on HIGH heat.

That’s it!


Q: Is it safe?
A: Yes! It’s eco-friendly!

Q: Will this work on any brand of cover?
A: Yes! As long as it’s not attached to an absorbent nappy.

Q: Will this work on AIO or Pocket nappies?
A: No. The revitalizer will cause repellency issues on the absorbent fabric of the cloth nappy.

Q: Is it safe to use in HE (High Efficiency) machines?
A: Yes!

Q: Can you line dry the covers after the revitalize wash?
A: No. They will need to be machine dried using high heat for the first initial dry after your revitalize wash.

Q: Will this repair the cracks in the PUL of my cover?
A: This revitalizer will not repair cracks in your PUL. However, It would resolve any leak issues you are experiencing as a result of the crack in the PUL.

Q: How long does the treatment last?
A: This all depends on a few variable usage factors such as the number of covers you are using in rotation, how often you’re laundering, how many times you’re using the cover between washing, etc. But we have experienced a 6 month lifespan when having only 4 covers in rotation.

Q: Can I use half the bottles for revitalizing half the number of covers?
A: No, you must use the full bottles when revitalizing any amount of covers (up to 15) as the product would be too diluted in the wash water if only half the treatment was used.

Directions for Use:

1) Shake before use
2) Load 10-15 nappy covers into washing machine
3) Add entire contents of bottle A (100 mL) Pre-treatment to detergent compartment
4) Run heavy duty warm cycle ( 30-40C / 90-100 F ) – wait for machine to finish. Leave garments in washing machine
5) Add entire contents of bottle B (100 mL) Revitalizer to detergent compartment
6) Run normal warm cycle ( 30-40C / 90-100 F ) – wait for cycle to finish
7) Transfer garments to dryer
8) Important — Dry using HOT setting to set Revitalizer


Below is taken from the Mother-ease Blog and I think you will find it very interesting.

A waterproof diaper cover will not stay waterproof forever when you consider how often it’s laundered in its lifetime. Once a diaper cover has reached its life expectancy, you will begin to experience leaks without obvious visual issues (damage to the cover, gaps at the waist and/or legs, clothing sticking inside the cover, etc.).

When this happens, you’re most often told by your diaper manufacturer that your baby is now a heavy wetter and you need to add more absorbency to your diaper and/or you need to change your baby more frequently. These options will give you a little more longevity in your covers because what you’re doing here is simply no longer allowing the cover to get wet enough to begin to leak. This, however, is not the actual solution to your problem. Really, it’s time to replace your diaper covers as they have simply expired.

There are three components to an effective waterproof diaper cover:

  1. A printed cover fabric
  2. A PUL or TPU inner laminate
  3. Waterproofing Treatment

The 3rd (and seldom, if ever, talked about) portion of a leak-free diaper cover is the factory waterproofing treatment that is added to the fabric during production. This waterproofing treatment is applied to the outside of the cover fabric, atop the printed fabric. Not all cloth diaper companies use fabric coated with a waterproofing treatment, but the bigger brands generally do.

This waterproofing treatment is what stops the wetness from coming through all the little holes that are created in the PUL and cover fabric by the sewing machine during manufacturing. The thread that is woven through all these little holes, wick the moisture from the inside of the diaper/cover to the outside of the cover and create a “leak” onto baby’s clothing.

This is the same technology that is used on your raincoat, camping tent, umbrella, etc. Anything that is intended to repel water generally has a waterproofing treatment applied to it.

The issue with a diaper cover is that it gets washed A LOT more than your raincoat or camp tent. Through all the rigorous washing that your diaper covers endure, the factory waterproofing treatment that was applied wears off. This is what gives your waterproof diaper cover its life expectancy.

Once the waterproofing treatment has worn off your diaper cover, you will begin to experience leaks without noticing any obvious issues to your cover. Your solution at this point was to purchase new diaper covers to replace your expired ones.

Enter Mother-ease PUL Cover Revitalizer

I’m here to tell you that we have just launched an absolute game changer to the cloth diaper industry. Mother-ease’s all new Cover Revitalizer is a two-part eco-friendly waterproofing treatment that you can do at home in your washing machine to restore your diaper cover performance to new condition! This eco-friendly laundry treatment re-applies the waterproofing to your diaper covers at a fraction of the cost of purchasing brand new covers.

Mother-ease Cover Revitalizer can be used on ANY diaper cover that is completely separate from an absorbent cloth diaper. You heard right – ANY cover! It can also be used on your cloth diaper wet bags as well!

Like I said before, this is a game changer for the cloth diaper industry. Creating even less waste in our landfills, as you can essentially re-use the same covers over and over without ever having to replace them for the span of your cloth diapering journey.

Written by: Melissa Froese

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