Muslinz 70cm Squared 100% organic cotton 3 pk


100% organic Cotton Muslins squares 70cm x 70cm

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Muslinz 70cm Squared 100% organic cotton 3 pk

Excellent Quality, Soft and absorbent. MuslinZ muslin squares are an essential when taking care of a baby. Perfect for newborn swaddling or as a nappy, using as a bib, a burping cloth and for general mopping up.  Presented in this pack are 3 plain muslins in either white, green or natural.  These pure 100% Organic Cotton muslins are designed to become softer with every wash and are gentle on baby’s delicate skin.

All designs are exclusive to the MuslinZ brand and are designed in the UK. With performance, ethics and sustainability in mind; all our items are manufactured in ISO and Oeko-Tex certified factories.

Not all muslin squares are the same! MuslinZ brand strive to be the best quality that will last and still look like new after many washes.

Muslins as nappies.  Muslins can easily be used as a nappy (with an outer wrap) and are great as an emergency if you suddenly find you have run out of clean nappies.   Newborns do not generally require a super absorbent nappy so muslins work well,  they can be folded like a terry square or prefold and used with a nippa or just fold into an oblong and tuck into the wrap.  Because they are 100% cotton with no elastic they can be washed at higher temperatures, so using muslins is ideal for parents wishing to use cloth from the very first moment because the meconium can stain. They are also inexpensive so can get you through the first weeks or months until your baby is big enough to fit the birth to potty nappies.  Just boost with a bamboo booster if you need more absorbency.

Below is a video showing prefolds but muslins can be folded in the same way.


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