Little Lamb Bamboo Shaped Nappy NIPPA FASTENING NO VELCRO


Little Lamb bamboo shaped nappy in 3 sizes.  NAPPI NIPPA FASTENING NO VELCRO


Little Lamb Bamboo Shaped Nappy NIPPA FASTENING NO VELCRO

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Absorbency excellent
Drying Time very slow
Fit (slim or bulky) average
Easy To Use simple
Fastening None – use a nappi nippa
Made Turkey – UK Company
Material Bamboo 
Need Separate Wrap Yes
Day or Night Both
Sizing Sized – comes in three sizes, size 1, size 2 and size 3


  • Size 1 fits 7-18lbs – a fantastic newborn nappy use motherease, Thirsties or little lamb wraps.
  • Size 2 18-35lbs
  • Size 3 35lbs+ – a fantastic toddler nappy for day or night time

This nappy needs a separate outer wrap, and works well with motherease, Thirsties or flip wraps as well as, of course, the little lamb wraps.  Little Lamb bamboo nappies are incredibly soft and extremely absorbent. They are also a fantastic price for a sized nappy system.  Each nappy comes with a separate fleece liner which is used to line the nappy and make it stay dry next toy our babies bottom.  Bamboo viscose is extremely absorbent however it does have a tendency to shrink when woven into nappies. Little Lamb bamboo nappies now have their bamboo viscose knitted into a fine microfibre fabric therefore creating a non- shrinking non- pull bamboo nappy.

This nappy has no fastening and is designed to be used with a NIPPA.  The tabs on all the Little Lambs have a crossover tab at the waist so the nappy can be made a tighter fit for a smaller baby.  The nippa version is ideal at night time if you find the velcro tabs too loud.  It also means you do not have the issue of your velcro catching/snagging on other items in the wash.

The fit of the Little Lambs has been altered and offers a fantastic fitting nappy. The leg is tight enough to prevent leaks but not too tight to create any chaffing. They use the softest elastic that is gentle on baby’s skin but is robust enough to last. The waist is also elasticated to help contain any explosions. Little Lamb bamboo come in three sizes but the vast majority of children will only need the first 2 sizes.

Our Opinion – The Little Lamb bamboo is perfect as a night time nappy when used with an additional booster,  Each nappy comes with a double layer bamboo viscose booster to increase absorbency further. This is loose in the size 1 nappy so the nappy can be made slimmer for a newborn but the booster is sewn into the size 2 and you may want to add an extra booster to the size 2 for heavy wetters. The Little Lamb nappy is a short length nappy and if your baby is tall or has the potential to be tall this might not be the nappy for you and you should think about using the totsbots bamboozle or Thirsties Natural 

The Little Lamb bamboo is incredibly absorbent however it is also an extremely SLOW drying nappy. If you do not have a tumble drier as backup it would be a very good idea to have a mix of Little Lamb nappies so that you have some of the faster drying Little Lamb Organic Cotton or the superfast drying Little Lamb Microfibre.

Our Tips –  To speed up drying time you can tumble dry this nappy for 20 minutes after washing.  Use the fleece liner which each nappy comes with to keep the nappy dry next to your babies skin.  If you need a really absorbent night time nappy for an older child then use an extra bamboo insert on the outside of the nappy (between the nappy and wrap).  

Washing – wash between 40° and 60°.  Can be tumble dried on a low heat.  If you dry this nappy directly on the radiator it will loose its softness so this is not advisable.  For full instructions on washing all your nappies see Washing Your Nappies.    

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