Mesh Bag


Mesh laundry bags ideal to line nappy buckets


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1 bag £5.00

2 bags £9

45cm x 50cm drawstring mesh bag.  Ideal for lining your nappy bucket and collecting the dirty nappies in.  Once you are ready to wash you just lift the bag out with all the dirty nappies, and place directly into the washing machine.  No need to touch all those dirty nappies!  We suggest leaving the mesh bag open when placed in the machine so the nappies tumble out during the washing process and get completely clean.   Buy two bags and save £1. Having two bags means you can line your bucket with one bag while the other is in the machine.  

If you are planning on buying a number of accessories it may well be worth purchasing our accessory kits,  these will save at least 10%  to 20% on the RRP


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Mesh Bag


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