Leak Free Night Time Nappy Kit – 4 nappies


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Leak Free Night Time Nappy Kit – 4 nappies and comes in 3 different sizes

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The Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch is a UK made fitted nappy and is a favourite for night-time use.   The Bamboozle is available in 3 sizes and has rise poppers to grow with your little one, it has hook & loop fastening and comes with an additional bamboo booster. This nappy will stay super soft making it a perfect choice for babies with sensitive skin or those in hard water areas.

Can cloth nappies work at night?  Yes very much so! In fact in my own experience they leaked less than disposable nappies. Not every cloth nappy works well at night though and it can take a lot of trial and error for parents trying to bridge that gap when their children start sleeping through.  Here is a kit with a winning combination of super absorbent nappies and leak proof wraps to give you the perfect night nappy system.

What is it made from? The Bamboozle Stretch is made from a super soft circular knitted bamboo with a hidden microfibre core, all materials used are OEKO TEX certified which means no harmful chemicals next to babies skin. Bamboo is requires zero pesticides to grow and is naturally antibacterial, so there is no need for disinfecting when washing and you can always be sure you are choosing the best materials for your little one’s gentle skin.

How does the night time system work?  You will need a waterproof cover to go over the nappy and this kit comes with 2, we recommend using a TotsBots bamboozle wrap and the amazing MotherEase Airflow wrap, both winning combinations for a leak free night.  This kit comes with one of each, wraps can be used a few times before washing, the nappy is changed after each night.   If you find you need even more absorbency over the night-time the Bamboozle Pads are a really easy addition to your Bamboozle system and can be separated and added singly or used poppered together .

Size: this nappy and Bamboozle wrap come in three different sizes which match,  the Mother-ease Airflow comes in 4 sizes.  You will be sent the appropriate size Airflow with your kit, with size 1 and size 2 kits I will contact you before posting to make sure you get the correct size.


What the kit includes: 

4 x Bamboozle Nappies*

1 x Bamboozle wrap*

1 x Mother-ease Airflow*

1 x Peenut Pad – use to increase absorbency if /when needed

4 x fleece liners – used to give a stay dry liner in the nappy for over night

*could be any print or colour but if you have a preference please visit individual products and let me know at point of order. 





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