Hammersmith & Fulham / Kensington & Chelsea Voucher Kits




Hammersmith & Fulham/ Kensington & Chelsea Voucher Kits

When using your £45 Hammersmith & Fulham or Kensington and Chelsea voucher against one of the kits below please let me know your unique voucher number either at the checkout in ‘special message box’ or by emailing me separately with a copy of it at juliet@thewashablenappy.co.uk   If you are using your voucher against an order that is not one of these kits then you need to put HF45 or KC45 in the ‘discount code’ box and £45 will be deducted against your order and do ALSO tell me your voucher number.  Please also tell us any colour/pattern preferences and I will do my best to accommodate.  

If you want to claim a voucher and live in either borough you should contact RealNappies@lbhf.gov.uk for Hammersmith & Fulham and RealNappies@rbkc.gov.uk for Kensington &Chelsea.  I also run various free demos online via ZOOM and you are welcome to attend. 

Which kit to choose ?  See each kit and read the little blurb, hopefully that will help you decide! And have a look at ‘New to cloth nappies FAQ

Each kit includes a bamboo booster, either separately or with another nappy – use the booster with any of the nappies to help increase the absorbency.  A fleece liner and some sample paper liners are also included too – liners help when dealing with poo and it’s a personal choice whether to use them or not; the fleece liner can also be used as a ‘stay-dry liner‘ with with any of the nappies that have natural material next to the baby’s bottom as these tend to get quite wet next to your baby’s skin.


(birth 2 potty – 9lbs – 35lbs/ 4kg – 15.9kg)

A simple trial kit that will suit any baby over 9lbs and any parent wanting to have an easy introduction to cloth nappies.  This kit is a mix of brands but all nappies mimic disposable nappies in that they go on in one piece and are washed as one piece (although the Little Lamb is a pocket nappy‘  and therefore has two bamboo inserts that will come out of the pocket in the wash and will need to be put back inside once dried).  These are all day-time nappies and will generally not last a night on an older child.   Two our of the three nappies are birth to potty nappies, which means they grow with your babies (via a set of poppers at the front) and will fit for all (or most of the time) your baby wears nappies but roughly from 9-35lbs.   The Little Lamb Pocket sized nappy comes in small or large – which is Small – 9- 18lbs or Large over 18-35lbs.

1 x Bumgenius Elemental Joy AIO

1 x Totsbots Easyfit STAR

1 x Little Lambs Pocket  Sized Nappy (small or large)

1 x single Fleece Liner

1 x Bamboo Large Double Thickness Booster

a few sample paper liners

(RRP £50.88)




(birth 2 potty – 9lbs – 35lbs/ 4kg – 15.9kg)

This kit has a mix of brands and styles ie ‘2-part shaped’ ‘pocket’ and ‘ all-in-one‘ and is ideal if you want to see what the difference is between the main cloth nappy options.  As with the above kit they are birth to potty and will fit well from 9lbs upwards. The Bumgenius Freetime goes on in one piece and dries quickly, the Little lamb organic cotton and wrap is an ideal night nappy and the Little Lamb pocket nappy is a low cost nappy that also goes on in one piece.  Use the fleece liner if you want to keep the bamboozle stretch drier next to your child’s skin or instead of a paper liner.  

1 x Bumgenius Freetime

1 x Little Lamb Pocket

1 x Little Lamb Organic Cotton – (natural)

1 x Little Lamb Wrap

a few sample paper liners

(RRP £60.39)




(small size only 6 – 18lbs/2.7kg – 8.2kg) (*only  fits until 12lbs/5.5kg)

This is a kit for use from birth and will fit your baby up to 3 – 6 months in age, depending on the size, (the Wizard UNO newborn will be outgrown at around 12lbs which is likely to be around 2-3 months of age).  This kit gives you a mix of easy-to-use nappies including   ‘two-part shaped’ nappies which are excellent for containing newborn runny poo and an AIO (all in one) nappy,  the Wizard UNO, which resembles a tiny disposable nappy.  This is an ideal introduction to washable nappies if you want to try from birth as you can be sure the nappies will fit well, unlike the birth to potty options which tend to start fitting well from 9-11lbs upwards.  Buying lots of tiny newborn nappies is not a cost-effective option in the long run, as they are outgrown quickly,  but having a few that fit your baby perfectly from the very beginning can be a great introduction.  The idea would be to move on to birth to potty nappies once your baby is a few months old and this kit will give you the chance to try the different options out there at the very beginning of your baby/nappy journey.  They can be used on subsequent babies too or passed on to friends and family as they will still be in excellent condition. There are no fleece liners or boosters included here as the Little Lamb nappies all come with them, they can of course be used with the UNO too.

1 x Little Lamb Organic Cotton Size 1 

1 x Little Lamb Micro Fibre Size 1 

1 x Little Lamb Size 1 Wrap (use over the organic cotton and micro fibre nappies above)

1 x Motherease Wizard UNO organic small – * this fits from 6 – 12lbs only

(both Little Lamb nappies come with separate booster and fleece liner)

(RRP £52.98)




(small size only 6 – 18lbs/2.7kg – 8.2kg) (*only  fits until 12lbs/5.5kg)

Flat nappies if used with a nippa and Motherease Rikki or Bambino Mioduo wrap are excellent at containing newborn runny poo; they are also a very cost effective option and can be used throughout your baby’s time in nappies.  This kit contains 4 flat nappies (2 x prefolds and 2 x terry’s) and 1 shaped little lamb organic shaped nappy with two different brands of outer PUL wraps, a total of 5 nappies !  All nappies are used with a separate outer wrap and work well with both the Rikki or MioDuo wraps.   This is a great option from birth and will last much longer than the nappies in Kit 3 – a bit more fiddly to use but you will not be disappointed as they work incredibly well and will be much better at containment than disposable nappies.  See here for folds

1 x Motherease Rickki wrap size small

1 x Bambino MioDuo Wrap size 1

2  x Cotton Prefolds

2 x 50cm x 50 cm Bamboo Cotton Terry Squares

1 x Nappi Nippa

1 x Little Lamb Organic Cotton Size 1 

a few sample paper liners

(RRP £50.97)




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