New Born Starter Kits 5 or 10 Nappies


A a choice of two excellent Newborn Trial Kits of modern easy to use newborn cloth nappies and the essential accessories.


New Born Starter Kits – 5 or 10 Nappies in a mix of modern brands and systems, 2 different kits, plus essential accessories 

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This is a starter kit of extra small nappies in a choice of two different starter kits to use for the first few months of your babies life.  A total of 5 x small nappies (5 or 10 with kit 2), which will last you through 10 – 18 hours.  This kit would be ideal for parents completely new to cloth nappies who would like to start using cloth from birth.  Both kits will fit from 5lbs/2.2kg upwards to 15lbs-18lbs/6.8-8.2kg   It is great to have slim, reliable, good fitting nappies right from the word go.  This kit is also ideal if you are having multiples or are expecting a small baby or just want trim fitting nappies in those first few months.  These kits also comes with a wet bag to store dirty nappies, a roll of paper liners, a fleece topped booster and fleece liners to catch the poop!   Videos links will be sent so you can see how each nappy works.


Kit 1: Mixed Systems New Born Kit + Accessories

RRP £108.29

5 Nappies

Fit 5 – 15lbs

Try  a mix of the main two modern cloth nappy systems from a two leading brands, Totsbots and Mother-ease.  This can help you decide which is the best style of cloth nappy to buy for your lifestyle or even if a mix of the two could be best.  Two  ‘all in one’ and three ‘two part’ nappies in newborn sizes.  The  ‘all in one’ nappies mimic disposables and are great day nappies, the ‘two part’ Bamboozle nappies with a wrap are excellent sleep nappies and are also particularly good at containing newborn poo!  Fits from 5 – 18lbs / 2.2 – 8.2kg


Kit 2: Best for Containment –  New Born Kit + Accessories

5 or 10 Nappies

Fit 5 – 18lbs/2.2 – 8.2kg

Shaped Totsbots Bamboozle nappies in a mix of  two sizes, newborn and size 1, this gives a great fit throughout those first 6 months. Plus this kit comes with 2 Totsbots wraps and 1 Mother-ease Airflow wrap, the ultimate pooNahmi proof combo famous in the cloth nappy world.   This gives you excellent containment (ie no poo leaks) and is an ideal system in the first few months.  The majority of new born babies in disposable nappy’s suffer their fair share of of poo explosions.  If you are looking for a nappy that doesn’t explode outwards then look no further!  Discover first hand what we have all known for years, cloth nappies actually do leak less than disposable nappies! Super soft natural bamboo material next to your babies delicate skin those first few months is an added bonus.

5 Nappies – £45 RRP £103


10 Nappies – £65 RRP £158.16


Please read the washing nappy section as it is very important to wash correctly.


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