Bamboo Muslin Squares

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Bamboo Muslin Squares made by Bambino Mio

Muslin squares are an essential item for any parent. This all-purpose product has so many everyday uses from mopping up spills to using as a burp cloth or comfort blanket. They are incredibly soft and surprisingly absorbent so can be used as a nappy. 

  • 3 Pack
  • Made from high quality 100% rayon from bamboo fibre
  • natural and luxuriously soft against your baby’s skin 
  • Light, open weave is breathable leaving your baby cool and comfortable 
  • A perfect item for gifting
  • Machine washable and can be tumble dried
  • Each muslin square is 70cm x 70cm
  • Machine Washable at 40 degrees.

Muslins as nappies – Muslins would be classed as a ‘flat nappy’ and work particularly well on newborns fastened with either a nappi nippa’s or just tied around the baby and then use an outer wrap.  They have a good degree of absorbency and are slim fitting.  It also means if you ever run out of cloth nappies and need something to use as an emergency, a muslin will do the job very well. Use the same folds for either terry squares or prefolds.  Or as a folded pad inside a birth to potty wrap, like the Flip or the Peenut.

Muslins are used so regularly as mop up or burp cloths these days (for which they are excellent), people forget that they used to be known as “muslin nappies”. One of the advantages of using washable nappies is that you will never run out of nappies and never have that midnight dash to the local garage or late night supermarket to buy some more. Most parents have some muslins lying around the house and even if you are not in the habit of using your muslin as nappies,  in an emergency you will find a muslin works perfectly stuffed inside your favorite wrap and will tide you over until your dirty nappies are washed and dried.

Muslins also go well into a pouched “pocket” wrap/nappy.   For an older child, of course, the lower absorbency means more frequent changing which is not really ideal but the speed of drying may well be a determining factor which then makes them a good choice.   If you layer two muslins together before folding in a traditional terry shape, you actually have absorbency comparable to most birth to toddler nappies but  still quite compact. Again, both the drying speed and the cheapness of this option are attractive.

Washing InstructionsWashing – wash between 40° to 60°.   Washing and Care – please read carefully our full ‘washing and care instructions’.  All nappies and wraps must be washed according to our care instructions otherwise the manufacturers guarantee will not be valid.  All new nappies must be washed before they are used.  Please note that when buying a large number of cloth nappies you should just wash a few in the first instance, and check you are happy with your choice, as I cannot refund on used or washed nappies. This nappy can be tumble dried on a low heat, however it is advisable to only tumble dry occasionally as it does shorten the life of the nappy and of course cost you more. Do not use Ecover washing powder or liquid with your cloth nappies


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