TotsBots Wet Bag


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TotsBots Wet Bag

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TotsBots wet bag is a waterproof bag great for storing dirty nappies in and comes with a nifty little handle to hang on doors or prams.  Tots Bots nappy bags are suitable for washing up to 60°, this is a testament to the amazing quality of the TotsBots products as most other wet bag brands have a limit of 40° wash.  Most parents end up with a couple of wet bags in rotation as realistically once they have held a dirty nappy they need to be washed.  Simply empty dirty nappies from the wet bag into your nappy pail and pop the wet bag in too, wash with the nappies.

Wet bags are also very useful when leaving your child at nursery or when you do not want to store dirty nappies in a bucket, do not have room for a bucket or at the beginning of your cloth nappy journey and only have a small number of nappies.  You can buy single zipped large wet bags (sometimes known as ‘hanging pails’) which are more suitable to full time nappy use if you are replacing a bucket with a wet bag and have more than 10 nappies to store.  Later these bags are very useful for storing wet swim kit, toiletries when travelling or bringing home gym clothes.

I would class a wet bag as an essential cloth nappy accessory.  When you go out, take: a few wipes, a washable change mat and a spare nappy in a wet bag.  If you need to do a nappy change, the used nappy and wipes go in the one bag and the remaining clean stuff in the other bag.

  • Measures 30cm x 40cm.
  • Ethically made in Scotland
  • Fits approx 6 nappies
  • Made from 100% recycled polyester yarn which is kind to your baby and the planet

Size: 31cm x 40cm approx

Also available as a double dry 2 wet bag for storing clean and dirty nappies at the same time

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