Fleece Washable Wipes


10 pk of washable wipes.  Ideal to clean your babies bottom and then wash with your nappies. Lovely soft fleece, made in the UK by a local Mum, who also makes the fleece liners I sell. Brightly coloured and patterned so no visible staining!.   Made from 100% polyester fleece

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The wipes are approx 15cm x 20cm, which is a perfect size for clean ups and fully covers your hands. They come in packs of 10 but for full time use you will need between 20 and 30.

Please note that every pack of 10 is a mix of different  patterns and is dependent on what is available, so the will not neccessarily match the pictures.

How To Use Washable Wipes:

You can store the washable wipes in a tupperware box so they are wet and ready to go. As they are used you can put them in the nappy bucket and wash with the nappies (up to 60 degrees). There is no need to dry them when they come out of the wash. Just put them back in the tupperware box, add some more water to make them damp and they’re ready again. They won’t go stale or stagnant as you’ll go through them too quickly.  

Many people who do not use cloth nappies still use washable wipes, as they are so much kinder on the skin and the pocket.

Washable wipes are a more economic and environmentally friendly alternative disposable wipes. Disposable wipes will cost around £250 to £300 for the period your baby is in nappies.   20 washable wipes will cost only £20 and can be reused time and time again from birth to potty.  

They work brilliantly in conjunction with washable nappies.  Just throw them in the nappy bucket and wash with your nappies.  Take them wet off the line and use straight away.   They work really well with Little Violets Baby Cleanser Spray. Or make your own (see below for some recipes).   Most parents are told to use cotton wool and water to wash their baby’s bottom in the first few months, washable wipes are a much better and cheaper option and are free from chemicals for your baby’s delicate skin.


These lotions can be made up and poured over wipes in a container (use any lidded plastic box) or alternatively, keep your wipes dry and put your chosen liquid into a spray bottle. It can then be sprayed either onto the wipes as needed, or direct onto baby’s bottom.   

Basic Lotion:

2 – 3 drops of baby bubble bath

5 – 6 drops baby oil

1 teaspoon witch hazel

250ml cold water

Place all ingredients in an empty jam jar, put the lid on and shake ingredients to mix thoroughly.

Luxury Lotion:

1 squirt baby oil

2 drops lavender essential oil

2 drops Roman camomile essential oil

250ml warm water

Pour the ingredients into a jam jar, and shake to mix thoroughly.  If preferred, you can use tea tree oil instead of lavender oil, but this is not recommended on infants younger than 6 months old.

Basic Lotion 2
Make up a mug of chamomile and honey tea, allow it to stand and stew for a 10 minutes, remove teabag and when cool pour over your wipes. This will last a day or, at most, 2 so don’t make up too much!  It is aslo a wonderful tonic for sore bottoms caused by teething or caustic poo, camomile is very soothing and honey is a natural antiseptic which dosent sting and aids healing. 


Do not use the oils undiluted on the skin or internally.
Keep the oils away from children and eyes.
Do not use the oils if pregnant, epileptic or suffering from high blood pressure.
If using an oil causes irritation to the skin, or if in any doubt, seek the advice of a professional Aromatherapist.



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