Petit Lulu Wool Wrap


Petit Lulu Wool Wrap beautiful, practical and breathable wool wraps which really don’t leak if maintained properly.


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Petit Lulu Wool Wrap Material: 100% merino wool (including the waistbands)

These pull on wool wraps are a very breathable nappy cover suitable for whole-day-use and especially good for night if you are looking for a breathable nappy wrap.  Made from 100% merino wool which is naturally antibacterial it does not retain odours and is ideal for babies with very sensitive skin.  Its excellent moisture regulation prevents nappy rash.  It comes in three sizes : Small, Medium, Large, and has no velcro or snaps to fiddle with, you just pull it up and go!  Seams are sewn outwards for comfort

These wool wraps have 2 layers of merino wool, with an extra third layer in the wet-zone between the legs.  The seams are sewn outward for comfort and to prevent rubbing and marks on the skin. The merino wool waistband and cuffs are gentle on your baby’s legs and tummy.   The cover has a medium-wide shape and is suitable primarily over fitted nappies, but can work with squares or prefolds, too (when fastened with a nippa).  They are easy to put on even on a very active child.

Size Weight Waist Girth Thigh Girth Rise*
Small approx. 6-10 kg 30-46 cm 17-28 cm 53 cm
Medium approx. 9-13 kg 34-52 cm 22-36 cm 55 cm
Large approx. 12-16 kg 40-58 cm 25-38 cm 57 cm

* Rise is including the waistband – How to measure your baby for a wool nappy cover:  take the following measurements over the top of the fitted nappy to be worn with the woollens:

* Hip – measure all the way round from hip to hip

* Rise – measure from around half to one inch above where the nappy rests at the waist, down through the legs and up to half or one inch above where the nappy sits at the back.

Washing and Care for WOOL WRAPS – As the wrap is made of 100% merino wool, it will need to be gently washed and cared for.   It should be washed and lanolised properly before first use (lanolin helps the wool become waterproof). Since lanolised wool has an amazing self-cleaning ability, you can just let the wrap air dry between uses, and if not soiled, wash every 2-3 weeks. Lanolising is less frequent – about every 4-6 weeks.   We would advise washing this wrap gently by hand in warm water, with a wool soap or wool-safe detergent, gently squeeze any excess water out and then dry flat and avoid wringing.  Woolens should not be tumble dried or dried directly on a heat source.  Lanolising:  wool nappy covers will need re-lanolising regularly to retain their waterproof qualities.  We would suggest using a lanolin designed for this purpose, and there are several different choices from solid, liquid, and spray-on lanolins.  Lanolising normally involves soaking your woolens for a few nights, or overnight.


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