Little Lambs Sized Wrap


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Little Lamb sized wrap

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Little Lambs wraps are soft and stretchy. They work well over the Little lambs nappies but also over other shaped nappies. Little Lambs wraps are very reasonably priced and while they are not quite as leak proof as the Mother-ease wraps they are still marvellous wraps and will contain well most of the time.  They fasten with velcro and have a cross over panel of Velcro on the outside so you can make them snugger on smaller babies.    They are longer than other wraps so you may struggle if your baby is particularly short in the body.  

Little Lamb Newborn Wrap available here 5-12lbs

Size 1 (7-20lbs) – although they fit better from around 9lbs +

Size 2 (20 – 38lbs)

Size 3 – 35lbs + / 17kg+ – this is for toddlers and larger babies

Little Lamb are a UK based family owned business and make high quality cloth nappies and accessories at very reasonable prices.  Their factory is based in Turkey and is also a family run business based out there.

These wraps are lovely soft and stretchy with a leg gusset to help contain leaks.  They are made from a naturally s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y and soft knitted poly fabric that has a breathable membrane bonded to the inside. This ensures air can circulate through the fabric, keeping the temperature down, but the larger moisture molecules are kept inside.
The result is a wrap that keeps the wee and poop contained.

The wraps were designed to fit around the Little Lamb shaped nappies perfectly but they also fit most other brands of shaped and flat nappies too if you happen to use a selection.  Particular good with prefolds too as they have one flap inside which is ideal for tucking the oblong folded prefold into.

As both the nappy and wrap have elasticated back and thigh seams ‘poo explosions’ up to the neck are almost unheard of.

What the manufacturers say – For our peace-of-mind, we forensically test the wraps. They are hypoallergenic and chemically inert and fully conform to the E.U. ReACH regulations for dye stuffs. All the components used to pass the Oeko-tex Standard100 tests for garments used next to babies immature skin.

Washing – wash between 40° and 60°.  Can be tumble dried on a low heat but it dries so quickly so would not be necessary.  DO NOT dry this wrap directly on the radiator it will loose waterproofing.   Close Velcro tabs.  Wash them with a gentle washing powder on a full cycle using the recommended amount of washing powder for load size and water hardness. Note – DO NOT ADD BLEACHING AGENTS OR FABRIC SOFTENERS.  For full instructions on washing all your nappies see Washing Your Nappies.    


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Little Lamb Wrap

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