Newborn Mixed Starter Kit


A mini Newborn Trial Kit of very easy to use newborn nappies, you will receive 7 mixed brand and style’ newborn nappies which will last for 20-24 hours



Newborn Mixed Starter Kit – 6 Nappies – (RRP £100.53) £88 + Free Wet Bag  worth £10

No Further discounts apply 

This is a starter kit of extra small nappies to use for the first few months of your babies life.  6 nappies will get you through about 18-24 hours.  This kit would be ideal for parents completely new to cloth nappies who would like to start using from birth and try the different styles and brands to help decide which is the best style of cloth nappy to buy.  This kit gives you some super easy all in one nappies, absorbent and leak proof two part nappies which work so well on newborns as they are excellent at containing the newborn poo (which disposables are useless at keeping in!) and finally one all in two nappy with two inserts – so basically 2 nappies – the Wizard DUO.   You will not have enough nappies to use full time and will have to mix with disposable nappies whilst waiting for the cloth nappies to be washed and dried. (Newborn nappies generally only fit until around 12lbs/4.5kg, so it would be an expensive option to buy 20 plus newborn nappies in this size, you need anything between 20 – 24 nappies for full time use.)  This kit will give you a sense of what cloth nappies are like and the difference between styles,  with the plan being that once your baby is over 10lbs/4.5kg you would purchase the bigger birth to potty nappies in the styles you like best.  If you want to go ‘full time cloth’ from the beginning and are expecting a small baby then prefolds are also an excellent option – SEE HOW TO USE PREFOLDS ON A NEWBORN YOUTUBE VIDEO HERE 

I am often asked which is the ‘best cloth nappy’ but this is impossible to answer. First of all because a good day time nappy is often different from a good night time nappy (the best night time nappies are generally two part shaped nappies and made from bamboo, cotton or hemp with a separate outer PUL wrap).  But a lot depends on an individual’s situation and preferences, drying space, size of  baby, financial position and lastly but no less importantly what patterns you like !  Most parents end up with birth to potty nappies and these often do not fit a newborn for the first 4 – 12 weeks.  The Newborn Mixed Starter Kit is ideal if you are having a small baby, or twins or would just like a few cute slim fitting newborn nappies for the first few months.   You can mix it with one of the other starter kits to increase your nappy numbers or just use it in conjunction with disposable nappies until your baby is big enough for the birth to potty nappies.

You may want to consider purchasing one of our accessory kits.   However this kit comes with paper liners, a fleece liner and a wet bag to store the dirty nappies in plus the Little Lamb Bamboo nappy comes with a separate booster which can be used with the other nappies to increase absorbency.  So you do have everything you need to get started with this kit.

Please read the washing nappy section as it is very important to wash correctly.   If you have a particular preference for colour/pattern please let me know in the message box at checkout and I will do my best to accommodate.

Newborn Mixed Starter Kit – 7 Nappies

The kit below is a mix of brands and styles and will fit a newborn from birth and will last for 2 – 5 months depending on their size.

Boosters and Fleece liners – The Little Lamb bamboo nappy comes with separate booster and fleece liner, the Thirsties Natural comes with a booster that is poppered in but can be detached.  Both boosters can be used in any of the nappies in the kit to make the it more absorbent and the fleece liner in the Little Lamb can also be used in any of the nappies and is not exclusive to the nappy it comes with.

Size – fits a baby from 5lbs / 2.2kg up to 12lbs/5.5kg  (Wizard DUO fits from 7lbs – 18lbs/3.2kg – 8.2kg)


1 x Totsbots Teenyfit

1 x Motherease UNO Wizard Staydry

1 xsm Motherease Wizard DUO wrap + 1 x xsm  Stay Dry Wizard DUO insert and 1 x cotton Wizard DUO insert

1 x Motherease Sandys cotton xsmall  – use with motherease airflow wrap below

1 x Little Lamb Bamboo size newbornuse with motherease airflow  wrap below 

1 x Motherase Airflow wrap – xsmall

1 x Fleece Liner – use to catch poo or line any of the natural nappies to keep your babies bottom feeling nice and dry

1 x roll of paper liners

FREE WET BAG  – worth £10



£88 + FREE WET BAG worth £10 (no further discounts)

RRP £100.53 not including the price of the FREE wet bag


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Weight 1 kg

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