Motherease Sandys Booster


Motherease Sandys booster can be used with any nappy, wonderful quality as you would expect and super absorbent.

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Motherease Sandys Boosters in cotton, organic cotton or stay dry – sold as single booster

 Dimensions Absorbency
Small 5″ x 12″ 170ml
Large (most popular) 5.5” x 14” 200ml


Motherease Sandys boosters are amazing quality. They are officially designed for use in Sandy’s nappies but you can use them in any nappy at all.  You can use them full length in large nappies or fold them for smaller ones.  If your baby tends to wet in just one part of the nappy and you want to boost just that area (ie little boys at the front) you can fold the Sandys boosters 3-4 times to concentrate the full absorbency exactly where you need it.

Available at the moment in 3 fabrics:
Organic cotton – Super absorbent
Unbleached Cotton – Slightly lower absorbency than the organic cotton but a very good all round booster.
Stay Dry – Amazing ultra dry to the touch – Motherease do not use fleece in their nappies or boosters like other brands as it slow absorption and that can cause leaks. Motherease stay dry fabric is entirely different to any other staydry fabric on the market and It is made JUST for them!  Motherease use a specially knit fabric that creates a stay dry barrier by the weave in the fabric. It allows the wetness to easily pass through, but not back. Keeping the babies skin dry to the touch.   Another neat aspect is that they include a cooling yarn as well. This keeps the temperature inside the nappy lower – cooler for baby and reduces the growth of bacteria.

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