Brightbots Bamboo White Terry Square



Brightbots Bamboo White Terry Square

Available in 50cm, 60cm and 70cm squares

Soft, highly absorbent and amazingly trim these bamboo terry squares are a thirsty alternative to the tradition cotton terry.

Care needs to be taken when washing 100% bamboo – prewash before use on soft 30c wash and dry naturally – expect approx 5-10% shrinkage as normal. 40c washing from then on and avoid direct high heat when drying.  Shake out and gently stretch back to shape/size when damp to avoid the terry fibres compressing.

These can even be used for years to come on any subsequent children and once your little one potty trains as towels and cleaning cloths.

What is it made from? The Bright Bots bamboo terries are made from 100% bamboo and nothing else!

What else will I need? Use these with a nappy nippa and a waterproof wrap, Motherease Rikki, Thirsties Nappy CoverClose Parent Wrap, Bumgenius Flip and Bambino Mio Wraps are all excellent options with flat nappies. We aslo recommend using a fleece liner to create a stay-dry layer next to the bottom.

How do I use it? There are a wide range of folds that can be used with your terry nappies. Check here for information on Terry Folds and see below my video on using prefolds because you can also use terry squares in the same way.

Sizing? 60cm can be used from birth but will be a little bulky.  If you want a slimmer fit try starting off with some 50cm squared or getting a mix of the two sizes.  The 70cm is for bigger kids and best used in the later stages.



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