Newborn Hourglass Fleece Liners


Newborn Hourglass Fleece Liners perfect to use with cloth nappies if you don’t want to use flushable paper liners.

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£2 for 2 or £9 for pack of 10

Hourglass Fleece Liners in packs of 2 or 10 

These multi coloured fleece stay dry liners which are super soft  and brightly coloured are great for hiding any stains.  They can be washed with your nappies and are quick drying.  These liners are hourglass shaped and come in two sizes Newborn or Onesize , here we are selling the newborn which is ideal in newborn nappies or to use with prefolds.    They are available in a pack of 2 or in sets of 10 in lots of patterns.  You will be sent a mixed bundle.

Fleece liners are a great alternative to paper liners for eco-conscious parents. It is generally agreed now that it is best not to flush paper liners down most toilets, certainly not with every nappy change as this can cause blockages in some drains.  Fleece liners are a great alternative to paper liners.   If you are confused about which liners to use have a quick read here.     

Fleece liners are also highly wicking so keep moisture away from baby’s skin so are also a popular choice for overnight use or for babies with sensitive skin.    Great with cotton and bamboo nappies to keep your babies bottom really dry.

Size Newborn –  30cm x 10cm (ideal for newborn and size 1 nappies)

Made locally to me by a work at home Mum.

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