TotsBots Easyfit STAR


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TotsBots Easyfit STAR is the 2016 version from UK brand Totsbots 

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Absorbency Average
Drying Time Slow – Bamboo
Fit (Slim or bulky) Slim – bit bulky on small babies as it is a birth to potty nappy
Easy To Use Very
Fastening Aplix – Velcro
Made Scotland
Material inner 45% Rayon Bamboo, 43% recycled polyester, 12% polypropylene and 100% recycled PUL outer 
Need Separate Wrap No
Day or Night day only
Sizing Birth to Potty 8 – 35lbs / 3.6 – 15.8kg

Easyfit STAR is the latest 2016 version of the ever popular Totsbots all in one nappy.  

Easyfit STAR is a ‘birth to potty’ nappy making this a very economical system.

It has a lovely soft layer of PUL (waterproof material) around the outside of the nappy to keep your baby’s clothes dry.  Inside the nappy the absorbent inner is made from a soft bamboo fabric with a core of microfibre.  Bamboo is a very absorbent fabric but it takes a long time to dry so by mixing in a core of microfibre this speeds up drying times considerably.  The tongue on the easyfit is easy to pull out to speed up drying once the nappy has been washed.

Easyfit STAR fastens with velcro at the waist (Aplix is used which is a super strong long lasting velcro) and the tabs can be crossed over just like on the Bamboozle Stretch making it very shape adaptable and ideal for little babies.  The length of the nappy can be altered using poppers to make the nappy shorter or longer depending on the size and age of your baby.  It is a ‘birth to potty nappy’ which grows with your child and is a very simple design so ideal for childcare.     

What is different from the earlier versions of the easyfit nappies?  Well it is pretty similar but there are a couple of important changes – the material inside the nappy is now the same as the bamboo used in the peenut insert, which is super absorbent, very soft and quick drying.   There is a new ‘no escape bamboo buffer zone’ which makes the nappy even more absorbent and there are no stitch seams which means it is very very leak proof.  Although it no longer comes with a poppered in spare booster, there is still the pocket at the back so if needed you can add one to increase the absorbency further.  And finally there is a new waterproof tummy zone which keeps the wetness in the core of the nappy.  So little changes but big improvements on the how well the easyfit nappy now works.   And there are some new patterns always a plus in my book!

My Opinion – This nappy is getting great feedback from my customers and the issue with leaks from earlier versions do not seem to present with this nappy.  TotsBots are based in Scotland and are a UK company who make all their nappies in Scotland.  They look after and listen to their customers.  Their nappies are made to an exceptionally high standard and consistently win industry awards, so if you want to buy British then this is a very good option.  This nappy does not always fit a newborn baby, particularly if your baby is small (under 9lbs/4kg).  It is not quick drying taking around 8 – 12 hours to line dry depending on how warm your drying room is.   It can be tumble dried on a low heat.   If you are getting very confused about all the different styles of washable nappies have a look at my mini nappy demo on you tube

My Tips –  Use an extra  bamboo booster tucked into the pocket to increase absorbency with older babies.  As with all ‘all in ones’ we recommend them for day time use only as generally they will not last a full night’s sleep, certainly not on toddlers!  (Use Bamboozle Stretch ,Little Lamb Bamboo or Sandys Bamboo or Organic cotton with additional basic booster if needed, and a Motherease airflow wrap or Thirsties Nappy Cover for night time,  to be sure of no leaks.)  

Washing – wash between 40° – 60°.   They can be tumble dried on a low temperature. Please see our ‘washing your reusable nappies’ for full details and tips on how to wash all your nappies, it is very important to follow certain procedures when washing cloth nappies.  And wash all bright dark colours separately for the first couple of washes after which they should be colour fast. 

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