Nappy Pail


Nappy Bucket with fitted lid 16 litres. holds between 18 – 24 cloth nappies


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Nappy pail and lid (out of stock in cream until March 2023)

An essential asset for all cloth nappy users, this 16-litre nappy pail is for storing used nappies prior to washing.  Holds between 18 to 24 cloth nappies and has a good fitting lid.  It comes in 4 colour options.  Strong and durable with a great tight fitting lid.   One bucket is all you need, unless you have twins or triplets or want to keep dirty nappies in two seperate parts of the house! 

Use with a mesh bag to make it easy to take your dirty nappies from pail to washing machine, but do remember to leave the mesh bag open so all nappies can tumble out during the wash cycle. 

There are several schools of thought about how to deal with your dirty nappies, ie to soak or not to soak.  Most people now recommend dry pailing, as using water can encourage bacteria to breed, and therefore increase, not decrease, the potential for odours, it is also much more time consuming to soak nappies as you need to empty out the water every day when soaking and wraps and any nappy with PUL outers should not be soaked for any prolonged time as it will split the PUL.   Flush away any solids from the nappy, rinsing of any excess as necessary and put wet nappies straight in the pail and as long as you keep the lid on the odours are kept to a minimum.  Optionally, you can add something to control the odour: such as tea tree oil or lavender oil to the bottom of the bucket.  If you want to try wet pailing, simply fill with water and submerge the nappies – having rinsed off any excess on soiled ones – and keep on adding until you have a full load , but do remember NO PUL nappies or wraps. 

See our washing and care instructions if you want to find out more about washing your nappies




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