Prefold Nappy Starter Kit – Newborn /Older Baby




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Flat Nappy Kit gives you 10 nappies (prefolds) and comes in two sizes,  either Newborn or Older Baby and choose from either unisex, girl, boy patterns for the wraps 

Prefolds are perfect for newborn babies, they are relatively slim fitting if used with a newborn wrap and if you fasten around your baby with nappi nippas they are almost leak proof (no newborn poo explosions, or not too many anyway!).   Once your baby has outgrown the nappi nippa folds,  use them with the Thirsties, Little Lamb or Bumgenius wraps or other larger or birth to potty wraps, with the prefold folded into three (oblong) and use as a quick change two part nappy until potty training.    I used Prefold nappies on my twins when I was very new to cloth nappies, successfully and happily. Flat nappies are the best value for money and last brilliantly for successive babies.  So if you are prepared for that bit of extra input, go for it, it is not rocket science! 10 prefolds will last between 24-36 hours, if you wanted to use full time please add between 10 and 15 more cotton prefolds to your order.  You should have enough wraps with the kit to work fine but you can order a couple more if you prefer, I would suggest either close parent popin wrap or bumgenius flip as these are both birth to potty wraps which work really well with prefolds.

How many cloth nappies do I need ?   It depends on how many nappy changes you do per day, how regularly you want to wash your batch of nappies, how quick-drying your nappies are and whether you want to mix with disposable nappies.  For full-time use –  if you wash a load of nappies every other day you need between 15 – 20 nappies and if you want to wash every 3rd day you are looking at between 20 – 25 nappies.


NEWBORN fits from 6lbs – 35lbs/2.7kg – 15.9kg – 

OLDER BABY fits from 18lbs – 35lbs/8.2kg – 15.9kg

The Newborn Kit –

10 x Organic Cotton Prefolds,

1 x Motherease Rikki Wrap xsm,

1 x Totsbots Peenut wrap size 1,

1  x Thirsties Duo wrap size 1 (velcro) (replaced the bummis wraps which are now no longer made)

1 x Bumgenius Elemental Joy wrap onesize,

3 pk of nappi nippa’s   –

fits from 6lbs – 35lbs/2.7kg – 15.9kg

RRP £84.91


The Older Baby Kit –

10 x Cotton Prefolds,

1 x Motherease Rikki Wrap Large,

1 x Little Lamb wrap size 2,

1  x Thirsties Duo wrap size 2 (velcro) (replaced the bummis wraps which are now no longer made)

1 x Bumgenius Elemental Joy wrap onesize,

3 x triple thickness small size bamboo boosters

fits from 18lbs – 35lbs/8.2kg – 15.9kg

RRP £84.91



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