RNFL £70 Voucher Kit – North London Boroughs & Westminster


These are a mix of trial packs to be bought with your Real Nappies For London Voucher of £70.00.  You can claim this voucher if  you live in Barnet, Haringey, Hackney, Camden, Islington, Waltham Forest or Edmonton and also Westminster. (Bexley has a £50 voucher and Lambeth a £40)

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RNFL £70 Voucher Kit – North London Boroughs & Westminster –  a mix of trial kits to use with your Real Nappies For London voucher.

Westminster City, Hackney, Haringey, Camden, Islington, Enfield, Barnet and Waltham Forest councils are part of Real Nappies for London and if you live in any of these boroughs and are pregnant or have a baby under 18 months old you can claim a £70 voucher to spend on washable nappies.  Visit the Real Nappies For London site to apply.  (Lambeth, and Bexley are also part of this scheme but have different cash values)

When using your RNfL £70 voucher against one of the kits below just add the kit to your shopping basket and as long as you have been issued a voucher and the name,  delivery or billing address are the same as on the voucher, that is all you need to do, you will not be charged for the kit.   

You can use your voucher against any washable nappies on my site and do not have to buy one of these kits.  These kits are designed to give you a good mix of brands and styles and are useful if you are new to washable nappies and confused by all the options and jargon !   I also run regular demo’s at Hackney Central Library, please see my list of free demo’s for full information.  Hackney residents can claim their voucher at these demo’s.  Everyone is welcome to attend and spend their vouchers but only Hackney residents will receive their voucher at these events.

Which kit to choose ?  See each kit and read the little blurb, hopefully that will help you decide! And have a look at ‘New to cloth nappies FAQ‘ or my youtube video ‘mini demo’ which explains the various nappy styles,goes through what accessories you need and how to wash dirty nappies.

Each kit includes a bamboo booster – use the booster with any of the nappies to help increase the absorbency.  A fleece liner and some sample paper liners are also included too – liners help when dealing with poo and it’s a personal choice whether to use them or not; the fleece liner can also be used as a ‘stay-dry liner‘ with with any of the nappies that have natural material next to the baby’s bottom as these tend to get quite wet next to your baby’s skin.



(birth 2 potty – 9lbs – 35lbs/ 4kg – 15.9kg)

A simple trial kit that will suit any baby over 9lbs and any parent wanting to have an easy introduction to cloth nappies.  These nappes go on just like a disposable nappy and are 5 best selling brands.  This kit also comes with a wet bag to store the dirty nappies in and 1 fleece liner.

1 x Totsbots Easyfit STAR

1 x Bumgenius Freetime

1 x Little Lamb Pocket onesize

1 x Bambino Mio Solo

1 x Mother-ease UNO stay dry

1 x fleece liner 

(RRP £95.86)


KIT 2 – MODERN TRY ALL STYLES  –   6 nappies

*2 sizes (size 1:  7-18lbs or size 2: 18-35lbs) **birth to potty  – 10lbs – 35lbs/ 4.3kg – 15.9kg)

This kit has a mix of nappy styles, sizes and brands fitting babies  from birth and above.  4 nappies are birth to potty and will fit from 10lbs/4.3kg upwards and 2 of the brands are sized as is the Motherease Airflow Wrap, choose from 7lbs -18lbs or 18lbs to 35lbs for these nappies)  This kit is ideal if you want to see what the difference is between the various cloth nappy options and are looking for both day and night time nappies. 

**1 x Bumgenius Flip Wrap with  1 x stay dry insert & 1 x Organic Day inert(counts as 2 nappies as each insert is classed as a nappy)

**1 x Little Lamb Pocket onesize

**1 x Totsbots Easyfit STAR

*1 x Totsbots Bamboozle stretch (size 1 or 2)    use the Flip wrap or Mothe-rease airflow wrap over the top of this nappy

*1 x Motherease Sandys Nappy (size small or large) use the Flip wrap or Mothe-rease airflow wrap over the top of this nappy

*1 x Mother-ease Airflow wrap – use over Sandys or Bamboozle

1 x fleece liner 

(RRP £102.70)



(birth 2 potty – 10lbs – 35lbs/ 4.3kg – 15.9kg)

Like the EasyPEEsy Kit above but the nappies are made with bamboo or organic cotton inners.  This kit has a mix of nappy brands fitting babies over 10lbs/4.3kg and then right through to potty training and all nappies are simple to use and go on in one piece.

1 x Motherease WIZARD UNO organic onesize

1 x Bumgenius Elemental 

1 x Bambino Mio Supreme

1 x Close Parent Pop In Onesze

1 x fleece liner 

(RRP £61.95)


KIT 4 – NEWBORN – TRY THEM ALL = 5 nappies

(* 6lbs – 12lbs **6lbs-18lbs)

This kit has a mix of styles and brands and will fit from 6lbs upwards.  Ideal if you want to give cloth a go at the beginning and try out all the different modern styles.  Personally I would not buy any more of the newborn sizes going forward but get the onesize versions, however it is great to have perfect fitting nappies right from the beginning and this kit is a great place to start. 

1 x TotsBots Teenyfit

1 x Motherease Wizard UNO newborn

1 x Little Lamb Bamboo Newborn – use motherease airflow wrap over this nappy

1 x Motherease Sandys newborn size Nappy  use motherease airflow wrap over this nappy

1 x Mother-ease Airflow wrap

1 x Motherease DUO size small – cotton insert and wrap

1 x Newborn fleece liner


(RRP £89.94)



(birth 2 potty – 10lbs – 35lbs/ 4.3kg – 15.9kg)

Flat nappies are by far the most economical way to cloth nappy your baby and are not difficult once you have had a little practice. This kit comes with 15 flat nappies, 2 shaped nappies for night and 4 wraps – 2 sized and 2 birth to potty wraps  See here for folds  – and here 

1 x Motherease Rikki Wrap

1 x Bambino Mio Wrap

1 x Bumgenius Flip Wrap

1 x Close Parent Wrap

13 x Cotton Prefolds

2 x Little Lamb Organic Cotton Shaped Nappies 

1 x Nappi Nippa or 1 x bamboo booster (depending on whether you are using from birth (nippa) or for an older baby (booster) )

(RRP £106.91)


KIT 6 – NEWBORN SALE KIT – only available in size 1 = 10 Nappies

(fits 6lbs – 18lbs / 2.7 – 8.2kg)

5 x Little Lamb Organic Cotton Shaped Nappies 

5 x Little Lamb Micro Fibre Shaped Nappies

2 x Little Lamb Wraps

1 x Mother-ease Airflow wrap

(RRP £136.79)



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