Bambino Mio Cotton Prefold


100% cotton prefolds 40cm x 36cm (but this size will change after washing and the prefolds will shrink by about 1 – 2cm on each side).  Great option for newborn babies to use before they are big enough for the birth to potty nappies


Bambino Mio Cotton Prefold made to use with the Mio Duo cover but works well with other suitable wraps

£4.50 £3.25 single £14.95 £12 pack of 4

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Bambino Mio Cotton Prefolds are plain 100% cotton prefolds and are a bit larger than our other cotton prefolds and considerably bigger than the organic cotton prefolds they can still be used on newborns but will be bulkier. They are 52cm x 36cm but will shrink a 1-2cm after washing on each side.

Prefolds are perfect for newborn babies if folded around your baby and secured with a nappi nippa.  They fill the gap before your birth to potty nappy fits properly.  They are slim fitting and because they are a two part nappy and used with a separate outer wrap it means they are almost leak proof (no newborn poo explosions, or not too many anyway!).  Once your baby has outgrown them in nippa fastening mode (usually around 15lbs/6.8kg) use them with the Close or Flip birth to potty wraps,  folding the prefold into an oblong and use as a quick change all in two nappy until potty training.  

Pre-folds are not complicated really and require minimal folding,  unlike terry squares. They are stitched into 3 sections, with the middle section being the thickest with 6 layers. Made from 100% cotton they are wonderfully thick, thirsty and durable.  Prefolds are classed as flat nappies and will need to be used with outer wrap.  Use with  Close Wrap, Bambino DuoFlip, Thirsties nappy cover or Motherease Rikki wrap for a great and affordable nappy system.   They are easy to clean and wash,  quick to dry and are very absorbent.  Prefolds are less vulnerable to detergent and urine build up and are less likely to retain odours. Use as a nappy, a burp pad, or insert/booster for other nappies and they make great rags when you are finished nappying .   

I used Prefold nappies very successfully on my twins from birth. Flat nappies are the best value for money and last brilliantly for successive babies.  So if you are prepared for that bit of extra input, go for it, it is not rocket science!   

If you are interested in using prefolds but are a bit confused about what to order have a look at the Bottom Line Kit which is an ideal starter pack, has everything you need plus saves a few £s compared to buying it all separately. 

In my opinion –  I LOVE THEM ! Prefolds can look scary and complicated but with a bit of practice they are a great low cost option.  It can be worth having just a few for those moments when you run out of clean nappies!  Prefolds can also be used to stuff other nappies in particular pocket nappies.  They work really well with the Flip and peenut wraps too and are cheaper than the inserts you buy with these two wrap systems.  However Prefolds would probably not be ideal when other people are looking after your baby as they are a bit more complicated to use, especially if you are folding them and using nappi nippa’s.    In my 12 plus years as a Nappy advisor I have met a significant number of parents who have used Terry or Prefold nappies very successfully and happily.  Flat nappies are the best value for money and last brilliantly for successive babies.  So if you want a really low cost cloth nappy system are prepared for that bit of extra input, go for it, it is not rocket science!

My Tips – Use Nappi Nippas to make fixing the nappies in place much easier. (Nappi Nippas have replaced the safety pin and are easier and safer!)  Look at our folding instructions and watch videos on ‘you tube’.  Practice on your teddy bear before your baby arrives.   Fleece liners can be used to keep your baby’s bottom dry.  Bamboo boosters can be added for extra absorbency.   Use with either the Bumgenius Flip wrap in place of the inserts sold with these wraps as part of this system as this works out much cheaper.  They are so cheap to buy and even if you just have a few to increase your nappy stash meaning you can wash less often and keep costs down considerably.  

Washing and Care – These prefolds should be washed and dried 3-5 times before use to remove the natural oils and waxes. Expect shrinkage of about 20-25% after completing the pre-washes.  Prefolds can be washed at 90 but generally a 40º to 60º wash is fine.  Please read carefully our full ‘washing and care instructions’.  All nappies and wraps must be washed according to our care instructions otherwise the manufacturers guarantee will not be valid.  All new nappies must be washed before they are used.  Please note that when buying a large number of cloth nappies you should just wash a few in the first instance, and check you are happy with your choice, as I cannot refund on used or washed nappies. This nappy can be tumble dried on a low heat, however it is advisable to only tumble dry occasionally as it does shorten the life of the nappy and of course cost you more.


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