Bottom Line Flat Nappy Starter Kit Birth 2 Potty




Bottom Line Flat Nappy Starter Kit Birth 2 Potty is ideal to use from 6lbs/2.7kg and can be used up to potty training with the Birth 2 Potty wrap 

£90 RRP £117.38  (ORGANIC COTTON PREFOLDS £100)  no further discounts on this kit

This kit gives you a total of 12 nappies all of which can be realistically used from birth or 6lbs/2.7kg onwards.  The 10 cotton prefolds work very well with the 3 small/newborn wraps and as your baby gets older you can switch to the birth 2 potty wraps and fold the prefold into an oblong.  Prefolds when used with a nippa are extreemly leak proof nappy option and are not as complicated as they might seem (see the video at the bottom of the page). They are an inexpensive, trim, leak-proof nappy system for newborns which can then also be used in birth to potty wraps and continue as nappies for older babies. Then they become the best every cleaning cloths !  

You also get two size 1 Little Lamb organic cotton shaped nappies to use with any of the wraps for night time or naps.  These nappies will fit from 6lbs/2.7kg to 18lbs/8.2kg

Pattern Choices: if you have specific colour/pattern choices in the wraps please let me know in the  ‘additional information notes’ section at checkout.

Bottom Line Flat Nappy Starter Kit Birth 2 Potty

12 nappies – enough for 18 – 24 hours

Fits 6 – 35lbs / 2.7– 15.9 kg

10 x Cotton Prefolds  (organic cotton prefolds available for £10 extra)

2 x organic cotton Shaped Little Lamb Nappies

3 x Nappi Nippas

10 x Newborn Fleece Liners

1 x Mother-ease Rikki Wrap

1 x Bambino Mio Duo Cover size 1

1 x Little Lamb size 1 wrap

 1 x Flip Wrap or 1 x Close Wrap

Fits 6-35lbs /2.7 -15.9kg

RRP £117.38


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