Bumgenius Try Them All Kit


Try 4 different Bumgenius nappies, the V5 pocket, the Freetime, the Flip with stay dry insert and organic day time insert, and the organic Elemental.



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Bumgenius Try Them All Kit, birth to potty nappies

Bumgenius are one the most acclaimed cloth nappy brands and have been around for many years.  Their nappies are made to a high standard, built to last and work very well for most babies from around 9lbs upwards.  I used Bumgenius V5 nappies 17 years ago on my children,  that was the only style back then and they were my favourite nappy.  If you are you confused about which Bumgenius nappy to try, as they all have such good reviews,  then here is a kit with the main four included and at an extra reduced cost.  This kit gives you three nappies to use in the day and the elemental can be used as either a day or night nappy as long as your child is not a heavy wetter !

1 x Bumgenius V5 Pocket 

1 x Bumgenius Freetime 

1 x Bumgenius Flip wrap & stay dry insert & Daytime Organic Insert

1 x Bumgenius Elemental 

Colour and pattern choices; unisex, girl, boy mix from what I have in stock will be selected for you.  However if you have a preference please let me know in the comments box which colours/patterns you prefer and if you have a preference please check what is in stock on the particular nappy page so as not to be disappointed !

 The Washable Nappy Company Trial Kits explained.

All the kits are mixed brand, ie they come with a mix of nappies from different manufacturers.

Try All Styles Starter Kit – this kits gives you a mix of ‘all in one’, ‘two part shaped‘ (ideal for night) and ‘all in two’ nappies giving you the chance to try all available types of modern cloth nappes and will cover every eventuality, from out and about in the day, to over night 2 part nappies that should be super absorbent.  This kit is a mix of sized and birth to potty/onesize nappies so some nappies will work from birth even if you have a small baby.

EasyPEEsy Starter Kit –  this kit gives you a selection of easy to use all in one and pocket nappies.   These nappies go on in one piece and are best for day time use or for babies who are not sleeping through the night. They are all birth to potty/onesize nappies so grow with your baby.

Both kits come in an Organic option too.  All inner parts of the nappy are therefore made from either bamboo or organic cotton or a mix of the two.   Nappies made from organic material are more absorbent than nappies made from man made fibres but they do take twice as long to dry !

We also have some Newborn starter kits – here the nappies are either xsmall or small in size and will fit from 6lbs/2.7kg upwards, some will fit until 12lbs/5.4kg  and some until 18lbs/8.1kg depending on the individual nappies and wraps.  These kits are ideal if you want to start using cloth nappies from birth, are expecting twins or a particularly small baby.   They will give you an excellent insight into the different brands and styles and will not be too bulky

We do have some single brand kits with Petit Lulu, Motherease and Bumgenius if you are looking at trying nappies within one brand


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