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Bright & Mighty Laundry Cleanser 750g from Bambino Mio

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How to use: You can use our Bright & Mighty Laundry Cleanser in your machine drawer or when washing by hand.  Add 3 tablespoons to your washing detergent drawer. Wash at 40°C with non-biological detergent. This will add a boost to your load and help tackle tough stains and odours. If washing by hand, dissolve up to 3 tablespoons in every 4 litres of water used. Then wash as normal.  After using your nappies for some time, you might need to give them a freshen up and restore your nappies to their best performance. You can do this by giving them what is often called a strip wash.  From time to time you may get a build up of stuff in your nappy’s fibres – things like detergent, nappy creams and ammonia. You’ll notice this is happening as your nappies may not seem as absorbent as they once were. If this happens, it’s worth giving them a freshen up (also known as “strip washing”) to restore your nappies to their best performance. To do this, simply soak your nappies in a hand hot solution of Bright & mighty cleanser for at least 2 hours. Use 3 tablespoons of cleanser for every 4 litres of water. After soaking, wash your nappies in the washing machine as you normally would. We would recommend giving your nappies an additional rinse after your cycle to be sure all the cleanser has been removed. Hey presto, good as new!

Spot on Stain Treatment : Bright & Mighty Laundry Cleanser also works great as a spot stain treatment. Over time, your nappies may become a little stained and there’s nothing wrong with that! If you need to, mix a scoop with warm water to make a paste then apply to the stain. Leave for up to 20 minutes then wash as normal. Sunlight is also a great natural way to remove stains too!

  • Perfect for cleaning washable cloth nappies, wraps, boosters and pants. Also works brilliantly on bedding, clothing, towels and favourite toys.
  • 100% suitable for delicate skin – no dyes, enzymes, perfumes, chlorine, optical brighteners, or other nasty things.
  • Effective on stains and smells, even at cooler temperatures.
  • Made with plant and mineral based ingredients.
  • Add 3 scoops to your machine drawer to keep your washing (and our planet) happy.


Washing Cloth Nappies 

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