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Night Time Nappy Kit ideal from birth or for older babies 

This Kit gives you 6 x bamboo shaped nappies from Little Lamb and comes in two sizes,  either Newborn or Older Baby. Choose from either unisex, girl, boy patterns for  he wraps

Size 1 –  Mini Bamboo Kit-  £80 (RRP £99.94) –   6 x Little Lamb Bamboo Size 1, 1 x Motherease Airflow Wrap xsm,  1 x Little Lamb wrap size 1,  1 x Thirsties Duo wrap size 1 (popper) fits from 6lbs – 18lbs/2.7kg – 8.2kg  

Size 2 – Mini Bamboo Kit – £81 (RRP £101.94) – 6 x Little Lamb Bamboo Size 2,1 x Motherease Airflow Wrap large,  1 x Little Lamb wrap size 2,  1 x Thirsties Duo wrap size 2 (popper)   – fits from 18lbs – 35lbs/8.2kg – 15.9kg

Little Lamb bamboo nappies are incredibly soft and extremely absorbent. This nappy needs a separate outer wrap and this kit comes with three different brands for you to try, all of which work very well with this nappy.   The leg gusset is tight enough to prevent leaks but not too tight to create any chaffing. They use the softest elastic that is gentle on baby’s skin but is robust enough to last. The waist is also elasticated to help contain any explosions. Little Lamb bamboo come in three sizes but the vast majority of children will only need the first 2 sizes.   The Little Lamb bamboo is perfect as a night time nappy when used with an additional booster and each nappy comes with a double layer bamboo viscose extra booster, this is loose in the size 1 nappy so the nappy can be made slimmer for a newborn but the booster is sewn into the size 2 and you may want to add an extra booster to the size 2 for heavy wetters.  Each Little Lamb nappy also comes with a separate fleece liner.

Wrap patterns and colours will be chosen at random but please choose boy, girl or unisex to give an help with picking.   If you have a specific preference in wrap patterns please do let me know and I will do my best to give you what you ask for.

This kit is especially useful if you want to use cloth nappies from birth as the Little Lamb Bamboo Mini kit is ideal from 6lbs upwards and is great in those first few months as it is super leak proof and absorbent.  If you are using on an older baby then this kit is an ideal night time nappy kit and will work really well where most other nappies just can’t !



Size 1 fits from 6lbs – 18lbs/2.7kg – 8.2kg 

Size 2 – fits from 18lbs – 35lbs/8.2kg – 15.9kg

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How many cloth nappies do I need ?   It depends on how many nappy changes you do per day, how regularly you want to wash your batch of nappies, how quick-drying your nappies are and whether you want to mix with disposable nappies.  For full-time use –  if you wash a load of nappies every other day you need between 15 – 20 nappies and if you want to wash every 3rd day you are looking at between 20 – 25 nappies.

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